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Staging a Home to Appeal to Millennials in 7 Affordable Steps

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

This is Part 1 of Seller Sanity, a 3-part blog series SCHWINGSTATE is publishing to help prospective sellers focus on what always matters, put in context what might not, and prioritize investments of time, money, and energy in today's market. Stay tuned to my social accounts for Part 2 dropping later this spring. #SellerSanity

Did you know that Millennials currently represent the largest segment of home buyers? Staging a home to appeal to this market is easier and more affordable than you might think. Here are seven easy, affordable, and sane tips:

Still Stainless. Great news! Mellennials love sleek designs with clean lines and minimalist aesthetics, so homes that have stainless-steel appliances are already a step ahead. If your kitchen needs a boost consider painting over dated cabinets, replacing hardware with fun new options, and de-cluttering. Then de-clutter even more. (Seriously, you're going to want to de-clutter a LOT).

Eat-In Kitchens. Add bar stools to a kitchen island so buyers can visualize having coffee or drinks in the cooking space.

Brighten Up, Lighten Up. Reduce traditional elements (such as heavy curtains or elaborate furniture) in favor of simpler and lighter design elements.

Paint ... for Today. Freshen your interior with updated colors like whitewashed gray and cream. Fresh paint in current colors is the most affordable upgrade, and it delivers instant appeal. It's the always affordable investment that makes your home feel clean and fresh ... and one that the camera will love when you go to list your home!

RELAX ... or get to work! Millennials don't want formal rooms. Stage what was once a traditional dining area into a fun lounge by adding a bar cart, setting out games, and turning it into a welcoming and fun space. Alternatively, if your living room lends itself, consider converting the space into an office or study area Millennials can and will use.

Connectivity is King. Features like smart thermostats, video doorbells and new outlets that include USB charging ports are smart and easy upgrades that really get noticed by Buyers. Plus, these are inexpensive improvements that have a high "joy factor" you'll probably appreciate too!

Welcome pets! It's no secret, Millennials love their pets. Let potential buyers know that their furry family members are welcome too by pointing out nearby parks and other pet-friendly features in your listing, and on call-out signs inside your home.

PRO-TIP: A digitally-comprehensive MLS listing is critical in order to achieve the best market response to your home, whenever you decide to sell. Make sure your agent inputs all selling features into your digital listing so that your home is searchable — and find-able! — to the most qualified buyers ... of any age.

Looking to sell in 2020? Be in touch! I am an expert in today's digital neighborhood, offer comprehensive professional services, and would love to show you my 21 Point Marketing Plan that will get your home sold quickly — and for the most money. I have a lot of very happy clients who can vouch for me too. Call me today. I help people move forward.

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