SchwingState's Official Mascot

This once-stray kitten was selected over 13 other cat-cadets and made spaceflight history in 1963 by being the first feline launched into space who lived to tell the tale.


Félicette reminds us that anything is possible, to live courageously, that exploration is vital, and that we all have unique opportunities to help others.

You will find Félicette at some of the coolest, most wonderful sticker-friendly places on earth.  You will also find her in the wild being worn by amazing people doing adventurous things. Whenever you see her, take a picture and send it to me. You're likely to be the lucky recipient of your favorite 6-pack along with some cool schwing-schwag delivered right to your door!

Hi! My name is MichelleI am a real estate professional and marketing expert specializing in residential real estate. I work with Buyers and Sellers in all price ranges across the front range.

I help people move forward.

How can I help you?

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