7 Tips to Avoid Being Taken for a Ride on Your Next Move

You’ve driven beside their gleaming white and green trucks traversing the state for years. What you may not know is that Movemaster’s Denver is planted in the heart of Colorado at 745 Lipan Street in Denver, and has been a trusted moving company to homeowners, galleries, and showrooms since 1981.

Recently I was given an opportunity to sit down with the professionals at Movemasters to learn more the moving industry, how it works, how it doesn’t, and find out what every Coloradan hiring a moving company needs to know before they ever even think about signing a contract. As an unexpected bonus I also became privy to a story of hard work, growth, determination, opportunities seized, and Denver entrepreneurism at its best.


Tim Beckman and Dan Gilbertson joined Movemasters in the 1990s and each worked as crew members. They worked for decades together, learned the industry inside and out, and safely moved tons of household goods including Davey Crockett's for real rifle, a Rembrandt painting, even an 8-foot multi-armed cactus! After working their way up and through the ranks the two teamed up with a vision, made a plan, and in 2014 bought the company they had worked for, together. Since, their company has since grown to a fleet of 15 of trucks, 85 team members, and now employs 8 professionally-trained Crew Leads.

Movemasters helping a SCHWINGSTATE client in Golden

I parked at Movemasters’ loading dock and was immediately and enthusiastically greeted by a young staff member wearing a green polo shirt who walked me up the stairs and into Movemasters Headquarters.

The Management Office has an open floor plan with warm lighting, comfortable chairs a person can’t help but sink into, and a jovial management team that clearly enjoys their work – and working together. There I met with Tim Beckman (Owner), Damian Riley (General Manager), Christian Wallis (Operations Manager), and Steve Kelly (Assistant Manager). I asked a whole lot of questions and (as Movemasters has done for more than 30 years), the team dutifully delivered.

Thanks for meeting with me today. What is the most important thing people need to know before hiring a moving company in Colorado?

The difference between a Broker and a Mover. Brokers aren’t Movers at all. Brokers don’t own moving trucks and don’t employ moving crews. Brokers are sales teams who buy multiple IP addresses in major cities. When consumers do an internet search a long list of their sites show up at the top of the page. Broker websites are intentionally designed to look and feel local, but they're not. Most operate from call centers located elsewhere in the country.

When you choose a Broker to arrange your move, the Broker farms your request to multiple local companies. One local company wins the bid, then it provides a truck and staff to conduct your move later. Predictably, lowest bid wins. It’s a great deal for the Broker because it maximizes their profit margin, but the model can come at a very high price to consumers.

How so?