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Rob Proctor | Original Watercolors

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Rob Proctor is selling his original watercolors during the final 2019 Proctor Garden Tour sponsored by Tagawa Gardens. Click thumbnails to enlarge and view title, and dimensions. Paintings can be purchased with cash, credit card or personal check at Proctor's Garden. 100% of the commission benefits the Denver Dumb Friends League. Contact Michelle to inquire or reserve. Click here to read more about Rob and Proctor's 2019 Garden Tour.

— About Rob Proctor Watercolors —

Rob is fascinated by buildings and spaces left behind, and has been drawing and painting since boyhood. Watercolor is his favorite media, it is both challenging and exciting. In his words, "One mistake, you're toast." The method Rob uses is called dry brush; after washes are laid down, details are painted with a fin-tipped brush and (like Proctor's Garden), very little water. Although Rob's paintings are praised for their realism, Rob considers himself "an impressionist who does detail." Rob is intrigued by light — especially pale winter light — as well as textures and patterns that abound during the season. Rob grew up on the plains, and has great affinity for stark beauty too few people appreciate.

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