Mission Accomplished

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

A wonderful ending to SchwingState's 2020 #MissionFromDog Project in a unexpectedly difficult year that sucked ... (and in some ways, thankfully didn't).

Dave and I have been pet-less for long time. We adore animals, but it was important to us that any new member of our family find us.

And in 2020, he did. This laugh-out-loud funny, one-year-old, golden-yellow Lab mix waltzed right into our homes and hearts (and campsite) just before Thanksgiving. You may have seen him on Instagram in the past few weeks?

We know little about his background, only that he was abandoned at a shelter in Texas after a couple divorced, and that his name was Leo or Louie.

In the shelter Louie was petrified, soiled himself leaving or entering an area, and was extremely afraid, of men in particular. Louie's shelter guardians were worried he would go to an adopter who may not be willing or able to work with his fears. A few adoption applications came in for Louie, but knowing how scared he was the shelter was determined to get him into the hands of a reliable rescue organization where this scared dog could get the specialized care he so obviously needed.

That's when Kristine Ray and Brooke Grey at Mile High Lab Mission stepped in. Brooke and Kristine saw something special in this terrified pup's eyes. Kristine and Brooke agreed to accept Louie into MHLM's program, and found a home in Texas to take him in temporarily. A kind volunteer named Jill welcomed this trembling dog inside her Houston home, gave him a place to relax for a few weeks, and provided Louie much-needed time to decompress.

MHLM then arranged for transport from Houston to Denver and looked for a foster in Colorado. Kristine and Brooke knew whoever it was must be extremely patient and understand what they might be getting into.

Louie's foster? Ended up being us.

I had been volunteering for MHLM helping with adoption efforts with Mission from Dog promotions and fundraising for awhile, but Dave and I had never fostered before.

2020 was rough, and a year that called for creating more bright spots in it. So we decided to give fostering a try.

Kristine cautioned us that Louie might be difficult, especially for first-timers. After a long consultation and conversation, MHLM agreed to entrust him in our care.