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MOVING FORWARD — 5 Cool New Company Initiatives for 2020 🛸

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

In honor of a brand-new decade I am excited to announce five cool, new company initiatives for 2020. You will hear more about each of these projects in the coming weeks from my social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Please connect from your favorite platform! I look forward to working with you to make Colorado an even better place to live, and 2020 a great year to move forward. ~Schwing!


NEW YEAR, NEW FELICETTE! You see Félicette, my company's official mascot, on socks worn by the coolest people doing amazing things — and on stickers in the most wonderful places on earth. In January, Félicette will have a whole new look brought to life by Westword's very own Karl Christian Krumpholz!

Stay tuned to this page for Félicette2020's unveiling, a personal and revealing interview with this up-and-coming Denver comic/illustrator/artist, fun giveaways ... and brand new SCHWING-SCHWAG fit for a decade as big and interesting as 2020 promises to be. #schwingstatesupports #localartists #schwingschwag


PROCTOR'S ... TEA PARTY? You know him, you love him, and you admire his stunning garden on 9News. While there won't be an official Rob Proctor's Garden Tour in 2020, you still can take in this Denver treasure at a private Tea Party in May. At this invitation-only event you'll also have a chance to view and purchase Rob's latest watercolor paintings. Stay tuned to my Facebook Page to get more information, or email me with the subject line, "Tea Me Up!" and I'll make sure you get your invitation later this spring ... #schwingstatesupports #socolorado


SELLER SANITY: A 3-PART BLOG SERIES Selling a home has literally always been a "big deal," but today the process can be even more daunting. Between multiple and conflicting automated market values, evolving disclosure exposure, fluctuating market conditions, and well-intended but often impractical news and advice from HGTV gurus ... homeowners thinking about selling can easily get stuck in 'analysis paralysis'. The end result? Efforts being spent in ways that are far from guaranteed to provide any return on investment or increase speed of sale ... and market-entry hesitation that could cost, big time.

I am a Certified Pricing Strategy Advisor, a residential real estate expert in Colorado, and am here to help. I am excited to offer a three-part blog series for homeowners who are considering selling to help them focus on what always matters, put in context what might not, and prioritize their investments of time, money, and energy in today's market. Stay tuned to my social accounts for links as each installment is published, or bookmark my blog and search for #SellerSanity later this year.


MISSION FROM DOG: Mission Impawsible Sincere thanks to everyone who participated in driving my company's Facebook Page to more than 500 likes last November. You made a $500 donation to Mile High Lab Mission possible!

In a continuation of a pawsome partnership, be on guard for SCHWINGSTATE's #MissionFromDog Case Files that will be unleashed the second Thursday of every month. You'll get the dirt on some of the most adorable, adoptable dogs right here in Denver and play a fun, pivotal role in finding furr-ever homes for labs lucky enough to have landed in Colorado. See them posted every month from my social accounts ... or get adoption info anytime right from my website's Top Secret page. #schwingstatelovesdogs #missionfromdog #missionimpawsible


FIRST TIME BUYER LOVE ❤️ It's no secret, one of the smartest things I did in my lifetime was to go from renter to homeowner at the age of 28. It wasn't easy, it was terrifying, and it also made all the difference in my ability to get ahead.

Are you, or do you know, a current renter who is considering buying his or her first home in 2020? Send me a note and tell me a little about them. This summer I will offer a host of resources to help FTBs prepare mentally and financially to make the leap to homeowner successfully ... and have a lot of fun doing it. #movingforward #schwingstatesupports #firsttimebuyers


Michelle Schwinghammer is a REALTOR®, Certified Negotiation Expert® and Pricing Strategy Advisor® who helps people move forward in Colorado.


Schwingstate, LLC, 30480 Stagecoach Blvd, Evergreen, CO 80439

(303) 638-8711,

@schwingstate on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

© Copyright 2020, Schwingstate, LLC

All rights reserved

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