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Meet David Gott: Denver Artist, Colorado Native

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

David Gott is a Colorado native and local artist who is making Denver a more vibrant place. Read on to learn about his artistic progression, enjoy some of his cool and intriguing art, and browse a gallery of Gott Art on sale now while these pieces last.


David Gott was born youngest of four to a military family. He spent his first few years in Japan where his father served as a Marine. At age four, he and his family moved to Arvada and he has made Colorado home ever since.

David attended Arvada High School. While that experience afforded meaningful friendships, educational development and fond memories, he was eager to graduate and move on to more inclusive and creative environments.

David became an active part of what many refer to as Old School Denver, when our city was smaller and the art and music scene just beginning. Like so many of us, David frequented Muddy’s, Paris on the Platte, and Rock Island. If you enjoyed the same hangouts you probably crossed paths with this Denver artist years ago.


In 1989 David enrolled in Rocky Mountain College of Art Design. Initially he studied fine art. He changed course after taking a class taught by Boris, a brash and oppressive Russian instructor whose approach to teaching was more stifling than creative – an obvious mismatch for David’s expressive and whimsical style.


Boris’ class was the catalyst for Gott to switch focus and immerse himself into graphic design and advertising. It was a natural, creative, hip fit. David was hired at graduation by Illustrated Designs, a small Denver company once located where Coors Field now stands. There, David excelled in design and account management; later he taught art at the Teller Street Gallery. David now creates original art full time, including these one-of-a-kind greeting cards that are on sale exclusively at Posey Girl Floral Boutique.

Gott Greeting Cards Available at Posey Girl!

David uses watercolor, acrylic and pencil to create images upon all types of medium including paper, canvas and wood. Gott often uses ink and overlapping paper to create a 3D effect. No matter the style and no matter the size, hours of creativity, intention, heart and labor go into each piece ranging from ten hours ... to ten days.

Artists who influence him most include Picasso, Dali, Warhol, Rex Ray, Shag, Da Vinci, Miro, Banksy, O’Keefe, and Basquiat. His styles are best described as psychedelic, abstract, retro or mod. Gott delights in mixing graphics with abstracts, and creating images that evoke pure emotion that are "clean and messy" at the same time. David believes color sets mood, and enjoys putting opposites together.

Gott's tell-tale trademark? Circles. They’re in nearly every piece, including the one shown here that David created when he was only seven years old.

David loves Denver and has lived in many of our most artistic communities including Capitol Hill, Uptown, and RiNo. He now lives in Cheeseman Park with his partner Sky who manages Denver's iconic Lake Steam Baths, along with their orange and white Tabby named Cobbler.

David hopes that his artwork "sparks interest and brings happiness." Earlier, Gott created pieces born from his own creative mind. Increasingly, David enjoys bringing visions of his clients to life through commissioned pieces of all kinds including large and small paintings, mixed media pieces, even customized greeting cards.

If you are interested in learning more about how to purchase Gott Art, or would like to discuss having a commissioned piece created just for you, please reach out the artist himself via email at

Until then, take a few moments to enjoy more of Gott's unique art here, and browse a gallery of David's creations that are currently for sale while they last.


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