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6 Cool Reasons to Buy Now

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Throw on a scarf, grab a pumpkin-spiced beverage, and call me to game plan your 4Q home buying strategy today. The season is ripe for Buyers!

There are plenty of great homes ripe for the picking!

Welcome to the fall buying season! Fall and winter are a great time to buy a home for six cool reasons.


SLOWER MARKET. The selling season predictably slows down this time of year because Sellers with families face the upheaval of a move and a potential change of schools during the academic year, a scenario most try to avoid. While there may be fewer homes on the market there are also usually fewer buyers competing for available properties too ...

LIFESTYLE MATTERS. While many parents may schedule their home sale around constraints of the school year, buyers without children are freer to move any time! This can open an opportunity for people without children, and first-time buyers who are looking to buy a home before starting their family.

COLDER WEATHER CHILLS SALES. Colder weather discourages many from venturing to open houses. Sellers are conscious of the fact their properties won’t look their best after leaves have fallen and grass has turned brown. Knowing that potential buyers are fewer and farther between can motivate many sellers to be more reasonable with Buyer asks and needs.

NO FILTERS. During this season a property may not look its best and could seem more exposed to neighbors than it will in spring and summer. Keep in mind these are seasonal realities you will encounter with every home. Try to picture how your new home could look at other times of the year. Ask the seller if they have any pictures of the property in different seasons. Notice the front door entry and driveway and consider how and where snow and ice accumulate. How much sun exposure do high traffic areas get? Sun shining in the right places could make your future winters much easier to weather.

SELLERS MIGHT BE TIPPING THEIR HAND. Most non-motivated Sellers usually prefer to wait to put their homes on the market in the spring when the season heats back up. There may be a reason why houses are on the market during a predictably slower time. Maybe the seller had trouble finding a buyer earlier in the year. Perhaps the Seller needs to relocate – soon. There’s a chance that the Seller prefers to sell within the calendar year for tax purposes. Have your Broker research the reasons for sale, and use them to your advantage if you can.

LENDERS MAY BE HUNGRY TOO. As the housing market slows mortgage lenders do less business. Buyers may find lenders to be more responsive and more willing to give a break on fees and rates.

Using the right tactics a savvy Buyer can easily turn the fall and winter season into a distinct advantage. Call me today to strategize your fourth quarter purchase. There are plenty of great homes ripe for the picking!

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