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Updated: Mar 16, 2022

The home buying process is a life-changing, exciting, emotional, stressful, time-consuming, multi-phased journey. All buyers want to find the home of their dreams for the lowest price — but they also need market insight they can trust, a successful and manageable process, want to keep their negotiating position strong at all times, experience as few surprises as possible, and hope to find themselves holding the keys to their new home in a reasonable timeframe.

Accomplishing all of that can be a tall order, and takes a lot more than browsing MLS listings from your favorite app. Your future success requires and deserves:

  • Advanced Industry Expertise, Professional Guidance, and a Trusted Advisor

  • Effective Buyer Representation and Strong Negotiation Skills

  • An Expert in the MLS Digital Neighborhood

  • Knowledge about Resales, New Construction, HOAs & Metro Districts

  • Reliability, Dedication, and Serious Attention to Detail

  • Best-in-Class Industry Resources Every Step of the Way

I am a full-time real estate professional, Pricing Strategy Advisor, Certified Negotiation Expert, New Construction Specialist and First Time Buyer Champion who conscientiously serves buyers in all price ranges across the greater metropolitan area. I provide 55 Buyer Services delivering clients an amazing buying experience, confidence during a complex transaction, and strive relentlessly to deliver the very best outcomes possible. Maybe that's why over 50 have left me 5-star Google Reviews.

I invite YOU to become one of them. :)

If a home purchase is in your future contact me today. I want to hear about your plans, will explain current market conditions, and would be honored to become a valuable and critical member of your home-buying team. We can turn your goals and objectives into the new reality you want and deserve. I help buyers MOVE FORWARD /-->


Michelle Schwinghammer is a REALTOR®, Certified Negotiation Expert® and Pricing Strategy Advisor® who helps people buy and sell in all price ranges across the greater Denver metropolitan area.


Schwingstate, LLC, 5440 Ward Rd #110, Arvada, CO 80002

(303) 638-8711,

@schwingstate on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

© Copyright 2022, Schwingstate, LLC

All rights reserved

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